We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Saturday, February 24

So, come here often?

If so, then you've noticed I've had a little makeover here at On-the-Go.

Why, you might ask?
(or you might not... and if not, no worries... just keep scrolling though, because i'm going to lay it out whether you care or not...)

Well, there are a few reasons, actually.

First, the previous design highlighted the extra white space bordering these photos posted from my cell phone. For aesthetic purposes I needed to find something that didn't allow this unresolved technical issue to become an element unto itself in this space.
(which is to say that it was driving me batty, and i had to find some way to fix it...)

Second, I felt the need to change it up. And what with Old Man Winter deciding to pack a season's worth of harshness into this last month, I wanted to infuse the promise of an early Spring into this little nook of the inter-web.
(may that groundhog prove to be a worthy prognosticator indeed!)

That's basically it... Go on - Have a look about... See the sights with fresh eyes...
(who knows what bits i've tinkered with...)

Cats' Strategy: Saturday Morn

Phase 1: Surround Subject(s)

Key: Allow no lower body movement.

Phase 2: Cut off escape to South

Watch for gaps in Perimeter

Friday, February 23

something to ponder:

That's what life is, it's a series of rooms. And who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are.
~from the Fox series House~

Technical Difficulties

Please note: For the better part of this week, photos being sent to this Blog have not been posting.

Much like the extra space on each side of the photos, I am not sure why this is happening.

Things seem to be working a bit better today, and I am trying to resend all photos & post in the proper order.

This being said... Even if you have been stopping by every day (and if so, thanks for your interest and support), you may want to check out the last week again for new arrivals.

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Thursday, February 22