We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Wednesday, July 2

Breakin' to the Beat

Not that you can tell, I know... But the guy on the left was break dancing to the beat provided by his buddy with the drum (on the right).

Sunday, June 29

Sunday: Figment 2008 on Governors Island - a game of Eye Spy

A few thoughts on the photos that follow:

I went out to my old stomping grounds, Governors Island, today to take part in the Figment 2008 Event. I found out some friends had volunteered to do energy work as part of the event, and tho I am still learning I asked to join them, as I was excited to go back to the island I had lived on as a child and practice in this place that I have always felt such a connection to. The Island has always felt like my hometown, even though it was a military base when I was there, and I only lived there for 4 years.

What a wonderful day! From the bright clear skies when we first arrived, to the thunderstorms that eventually forced us off the grass and into the abandoned church, every moment was delicious. And when the rain had passed, and my friend and I wandered out into the sunshine and wet grass, we began to explore just a few of the interesting exhibits and events going on in Nolan Park - which just happens to be the very part of the Island I used to live in.

What follows are just a few images from the day. I took many more photos on my regular camera, and I will be posting those to Flickr (per the request of the organizers) sometime soon. When I do, I will update this posting.

Governors Island Waterfall

I don't think this was part of the event, as I know there are several waterfall art installations in the NYC waterways right now.

Healing Hands?

Since I spent much of the day doing energy work this sculpture was so neat to see.


Interactive Art Childrens' Event

Hosted by Owls & a Pig

Yoga Poser in Abandoned Church

Tiger Lilies & Bicycles

Saturday: Rain Kissed