We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Wednesday, October 15

More Lost Dogs?

I guess it is to be expected when you find them boozing it up at the local pub.

Revolving Door minus the Revolving Bits

For weeks I passed this door on my commute, its revolving parts having been removed for repair, and the open doorway blocked for... um... safety?
Because that open doorway is... dangerous?
Anyone else a fan of the late Mitch Hedberg?
"Thank you for the convenience."

Labor Day Weekend Wedding

A first for me - I attended a very traditional/religious Jewish wedding the last Sunday in August.

It was such a beautiful ceremony and also fascinating for little ol' Southern Protestant me.

That's actually a really beautiful bouquet and a pretty little pat of (non-dairy) butter.
(The wedding was Kosher, and was thus non-dairy.)
It was quite dark in the hall, clearly.

I loved these table arrangements... and the lighting... Didn't realize I'd taken shot at Lucky 13.

Red & Purple Pepper Plant

This is NOT a REAL Uniform

Not that I would object if it was... Except that I don't know what I think about this much "military detailing".

Young Dudes Drinking Beer on the Subway

Laterns Lighting the Trees in the Tavern on the Green

As seen on a stroll through Central Park back in August.

Tuesday, October 14

Full Moon rising pale amber past salmon streaks in a still blue sky. Dusk and clouds creep in quickly. Now blank slate.

DB Wants You - To Play!

Follow That Tat!

Balto! Balto!

Leftovers are for the dogs, it seems.