We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Friday, August 10

Not Too Bad For 10 Days Post-Op

Fresh Steri-Strips & No More Stitches!

I went to the doctor yesterday to have my stitches taken out. This was the first time I'd been outside my apartment in over a week. Very exciting stuff.

The process of cleaning the area, removing the stitches and redressing the incision with fresh steri-strips was both nasty and fairly painful. But with that done, my doctor sent me to get x-rays. We looked at a before and after shots of my knee and the bone that was broken and screwed into a new position. All looks good and he is very happy with my progress thus far. Hurrah!

But better than the fresh air and the kudos from my doc, even better than the new Rx for painkillers that he volunteered to write before I even mentioned it, is that I was cleared to stop wearing the cumbersome & uncomfortable immobilizing brace around my apartment.

I am still on crutches (although I can bear weight on that leg up to 25 lbs.) and still have to wear the darn thing when I am going out and about (
cuz that is so frequent). All things considered, though, not too bad for 10 days after having major knee surgery.

You Can Start to See the Definition of a Knee Emerging as the Swelling Subsides

Wednesday, August 8

They Like Me, They Really Like Me...

I got these flowers today from my office. That Sally Field line instantly sprang to mind.