We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Thursday, August 13

The Beach Scene on Governors Island

From a visit last weekend to my old stomping grounds. This Water Taxi Beach used to be the ferry terminal parking lot when I was a kid! Truth be told tho, it's nice to see a new life growing on this once abandoned military base. More than a little odd for those of us who called it home & have fond memories of times past... But that is the beauty of evolution!

Documenting My Decent

Into Laundry Madness

Sunday, August 9

Sunday's Sunset

On the Blvd

Palm Trees Over the NYC Skyline

The view from Water Taxi Beach on Governors Island.

Oyster Midden

On display on Governors Island

Tuesday, August 4

"I used to be Snow White - but I Drifted!"

One of my favorite quotes - attributed to Mae West

Friday, July 31

Heal Me

Ain't it crazy? For a moment there, this felt just like dying.
But now I see that something inside is coming alive.
Ain't it crazy?!
No use running from a revolution; I just surrender to this evolution.

Heal me, Lift me, Take me to the other side.
Amazing grace has touched my face and the sweet sound doesn't lie.

Ain't it crazy - For a moment there, I just gave up trying
But now I see you can let the light in, you can begin again - Now.
Ain't it crazy?
I lay me down in this sweet perfection; I am a witness to my

Heal me. Lift me. Take me to the waterside.
Drop me in - let me swim. Let everyone know - I'll be coming home again.

Make no mistake, I'm wide awake.
Yeah... Ain't it crazy?

Heal me. Lift me. Oh take me to the other side!
I'll take what I've earned, these lessons I've learned. I'm ready for the ride - Now.

Heal me. Lift me... Take me and my soul will fly!
My battered heart will make a new start. Let everyone know, I'll be coming home again.

Heal me - Lift me... Take me - take me to the waterside.
Drop me in; come on and watch me swim. Let everyone know I'll be coming home again.

Let everyone know - I'm coming home again.

"Heal Me"
~Melissa Etheridge~

Thursday, July 30

On the Road Less Traveled

Some Signs are Easily Overlooked

Summer Hiatus?

Many of you have noticed my most conspicuous absence since Memorial Day weekend...

I would love to say I've been enjoying a much desired get-away... Soaking up sunshine & mojitos on a tranquil, tech-free beach... But not so much.

In truth Serendipity hasn't been in hiding on a tropical isle, but rather has been surfing the chaotic waves of Life. Family & friends, work & play, births & rebirths, the dead & the dying... It has been a season of change & renewal, of extraordinary excitement & deep sorrow... a time of Discovery.

While thus far I have been lax in delivering postcards from this frontier, please know that the collection has been building...

Warning: Haphazard Posting Ahead!