We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Monday, October 20

Red Snapper Sez "I Never Did Like Mondays"

Echos of the Last... Sheesh... Almost Fortnight!

Sorry kids, I've been a busy girl!

So far, I am enjoying this Autumn an awful lot.

Saturday's Brunch - Can You Say YUM?!?!

Scrambled eggs with fresh poached salmon, scallions and shiitake mushrooms, homemade french fries, coffee, and a Blood Orange Bellini.
Oh yeah, and yummy breads. With butter.

Beware of Snakes

Mannequins Do Soft Porn?

Seriously? I'm not a prude, by any means, but this seems racy for a store window...

But hey, maybe I'm just a crazy lil' cat lady, shaking her cane on the porch at those darned kids.

Bootleg Stills from the Art of Corin Hewitt

As Seen at the Whitney Museum this past Friday night.

Thursday Eve - 7 Train in Sunnyside

Simply - Graphically - Beautiful

Simple - Graphic - Beauty

Moments of Mediation: Reflecting on Grand Central Repair Cones

I'm Not @ All a Gearhead - but this Maserati? Stunningly Sweet.

Tuesday's Memory Dump

Close to 200,000 items deleted.

THAT was satisfying.

Sunday, October 19

Morning Train

Totally Zen, Dude

Waterfall Bound

Governors Island Ferry - Last Saturday Evening of the Season

Saturday's First Find: Underground Brass

Is it just me - or does Brass Underground have a familiar ring to it? Hmmmm....

Seriously Silly SciFi Flick Graphics

Grand Central - Last Friday @ 6:14