We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Friday, April 3

Protect Your Milk Crates!

Seriously?!? Two padlocks and a heavy chain. Guy was switching this
crate out for another, identical, crate. And he's wearing latex

Did I mention this was in the Times Square area? I don't get it... But
I love this town.

Advanced Liquid Roofing System

Dries HARD!!

Decidedly Orange Vibe

Dude is wearing an orange hat & a shirt that has a guy on it who is
also wearing an orange hat!?!

Tuesday, March 31

100 Years of Groovy

The Queensboro Bridge (aka The 59th Street Bridge) reached it's 100th
anniversary yesterday.

I have made no secret of my undying affection for this highly
travelled span between Queens & Manhattan. The following quote,
however, is far more eloquent in explaining the attraction & affection
I feel.
"The structure of the bridge itself is an intricate mass of
interlacing steelwork, seemingly incapable of architectural beauty
because of the strict requirement imposed by the structural conditions
in the design of compression and tension members. Yet, as we look upon
the bridge from varying points of view, there is a charm, a certain
gracefulness in the repetition of symmetrical parts. Wrought entirely
of structural steel, at many points small adornments add appreciably
to the delicacy of the structure." - Architecture and Builder (1909)

May Be Hard to Spot, But Spring is Hanging Around