We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Saturday, November 8

Lady (Liberty) in Red

As seen Wednesday night in a display on 14th Street.

Friday, November 7

Pickle Pops - Only a Quarter!

Concessions @ the game... Go Owls Go!

Seeing Owls in Everything

I must have already had the Hondo Owls Homecoming game on my mind.
Texas High School Football - Catch the Fever!

Zorro Says: Feliz Aniversario Serendipity!

Wednesday, November 5

As Seen at the Black Crowes Show Last Night


It doesn't matter, really, if one is happy or sad or worried or even unsure if it matters that Barack Obama was elected President last night.

We cannot deny that this is a watershed moment in American history. A time when we, as a nation, spoke loudly at the polls. When a new generation of voters and a new type of mobilization of those voters was formed.

With an almost 2-1 margin we elected not only a man of color, but a young politician with a young family. We just brought small kids back into the White House. We have changed the energy that will reside in those hallowed halls.

We can still be cynical, if we want to. That is our right in this democracy.

But we should not doubt that History was made.

As Americans we should all take pride in that.

Tuesday, November 4

To risk paraphrasing... I have never been so proud to be an American. Or of my country. Or of my fellow citizens. This is truly awesome.

MSNBC just called Obama the projected winner.

VOTE. Don't Care for Who. Just VOTE.


Wake and Vote


I voted! About 45 minutes... Not bad really.

My district is filled with apartment dwellers like me and has a hot state election...We are on a double line. Waiting.

On line waiting to vote.